Meet Larry Vickers

 Nation's Gun Show

July 21, 22 & 23 

Dulles Expo Center

EC Defense - Booth 14, B

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March 15, 2014

Meet the man, the legend and the hero, Larry Vickers, at the show this weekend.  

Larry Allen Vickers is a retired soldier, war hero, expert firearms instructor with extensive combat experience, and author. He is co-founder of the International Defensive Pistol Association and Firearms Training Association.

Vickers was born in Adams Mills, Ohio in June 1963. His father served in the North African and Italian campaign of World War II.

When he was in middle school, Vickers decided that he wanted to join the United States Army Special Forces, and gained an interest in firearms during this period.  Vickers entered into the Delayed Entry Program and graduated from Tri-Valley High School in 1981, and graduated from the military in 1982. He joined Delta Forcein 1987.

Vickers participated in Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Acid Gambit, for which he received the Bronze Star Medal. Vickers retired from Delta Force after 20 years of service, mostly due to personal injuries.  Vickers formerly worked for Heckler & Koch, during which time he helped to develop the HK416 and HK45.

Larry Vickers is the author of the "Vickers Guide", a series of reference books that launched in 2015, detailing firearms such as the Colt AR-15M1911, and MP 40"Vickers Guide" Book Review: Vickers Guide: World War II Germany, Vol. 1

In 2009, the Vickers Tactical YouTube channel was created. By 2021, it reached upwards of 900,000 subscribers, and 200,000,000 views.

Vickers is a fan of the AK-47, and has an autographed from Mikhail Kalashnikov.  

Watch The History of Walther Documentary filmed at the Walther HQ in Germany. In addition to Walther’s innovations, its industry-leading trend-setting forward-thinking designs are also discussed. The story of Walther Arms features Larry Vickers and Doc of Guns. 135+ years in the making. In conclusion, whether you are interested in the origins of the PPK or you are excited about the modern handgun trends this is a great story.

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